Hitting Reset on my Health

When it comes to my nutrition, I’ve had a rough go of things in the last few weeks. See, first I took a long weekend trip to California to visit my parents.


It was amazing! I got to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and sister, see my parents for the first time since March, and have a fun day-trip to explore Monterey and the beautiful 17-Mile Drive along the coast to Pebble Beach. I also wasn’t strict with myself on my eating at all.


I was on vacation, and life is all about balance, after all. So while I was still mindful of what I was eating, I didn’t hold back from indulging a bit. I had some soft serve from a delicious fresh ice creamery in the town where my parents live while we enjoyed live music at a park on Friday night. I had chicken, brie, and rosé on the beach on Saturday. I had the most delicious Indian food for lunch on Sunday. And then I flew home Sunday night, fell back into my healthy routines naturally, and everything was perfect.

NOPE. Just kidding–I told myself that I was going to dive back into my routine. I was loving the program I was doing, a martial-arts inspired workout plan that made me feel like a crime-fighting badass. But when Monday morning came around, I hit snooze and slept in until it was time to get ready for work. And I didn’t give myself enough time to make my lunch, so I bought food instead.

I made little choices like this all week, which snowballed until I woke up Thursday morning with a horrendous stomachache and headache. Sometimes when I’m not feeling well, I have to sit back and think about what could have caused it–did I eat something sugary yesterday? Did I have a little too much wine? Is it hormonal? But Thursday morning, I knew exactly why I wasn’t feeling good, and it didn’t take too much time to figure out. I had nobody to blame but myself.


So when some of the ladies in my health and self-love community started committing to doing a three-week program starting Monday, I was all in. I loved the program I had been doing before my vacation, but I knew that I really needed to hit the reset button, and for me that meant diving into something new, and having that mutual support from the other ladies who were taking part.

The program we’re doing is called Shift Shop, and over three weeks you “shift” your workout intensity up while gradually raising protein and veggie intake each week and lowering carbs. It challenged me to plan every bite I would take, which made me think about what I was eating and how it would help me towards my goals.


When you’re really thinking hard about the food you eat and how it will fuel you, it makes it pretty easy to say ‘no thanks’ to mac and cheese or cupcakes. I’m not knocking either–Lord knows I love me some yummy comfort food, but does it fuel me, provide sustainable energy, make me feel great, and help me reach my goals? Eh…not so much.

To me, diving back into a healthy, clean eating routine is the biggest reminder of why I’m doing it. The way I feel after a few days of detoxing all of that crap that was in my body is worlds apart from the nausea and stomach cramps of last week. So, if anything, this serves as a written reminder to my future self.

Dear future Kellie: Remember this. Remember feeling strong, nourished, and energized.


Have you ever made a big change in the way you eat that makes you feel amazing? Let me know all about it in the comments below!



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